CSR also won the 5-year Alcohol Epidemiologic Data System (“AEDS”) contract, which is also an NIH contract with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). CSR’s AEDS project at NIAAA involved preparing surveillance reports on national trends in alcohol consumption, liver cirrhosis mortality, andunderage drinking; preparing the Alcohol Epidemiologic Data Directory; and providing technical support to NIAAA researchers on all aspects of epidemiologic research, queries, and manuscript preparation. CSR also provides technical support to NIAAA staff on all aspects of epidemiologic research and queries, including identification of relevant datasetsand literature, targeted literature reviews, data cleaning, data file setup, preparation of dataset documentation, data analysis, statistical programming and consultation, preparation of statistical tabular summaries, responding to outside inquiries, scientific writing and editing, publication in peer-reviewed journals, and preparation of graphics and poster presentations for professional meetings.