Communication Support Products

The first step in developing a public communications product is to ensure that it meets the Agency’s requirements, needs, budget, and target audiences. Our general process is described below.

Plan & Research

Each project with careful research, including literature reviews and environmental scans. We interview relevant agency staff, scientists, and subject matter experts (SMEs) experienced and knowledgeable in the field and specific topic area for insight and to confirm our understanding.


Prepare concise, grammatically correct content that follows the principles of effective communication and employes best practices in science communications, for example avoiding use of jargon and “hype.”


Use cogent and appealing graphics to show complex scientific and medical concepts in easy-to-read formats. When developing multimedia content, we ensure that all products can be accessed using the most basic as well as the most sophisticated devices.

We ensure accessibility for people with disabilities, testing all content thoroughly and ensuring its 508 compliance.

Edit, Review, Proof

Senior-level editors and/or technical editors verify that material is scientifically and statistically sound. We check grammar, style, and readability. We conform to the agency’s style guide (for brand as well as for text) and proofread the final version before Agency review.
Edit, Review, Proof process

Final Delivery

Once the Agency review is completed to client staff satisfaction, we prepare the final product for delivery in its preferred format—print, digitized media, blog, or web content. We ensure all web content is fully 508 compliant and provide a report regarding this compliance.
Graphic describing the communications support product process

Products Include:

NIAAA Infographic illustrating drinking statistics


Sample of Video Case e-Learning


Social Media Listicle

Outreach Products

  • 5Q&As
  • 5Fact Sheets & Backgrounders
  • 5News Releases
  • 5Audio News Releases (ANRs)
  • 5Communication Event Logistics
  • 5Communications Training for Agency Staff