Cynthia Marsden took over as president and CEO. Prior to CSR, Ms. Marsden served as CEO at GTI Federal, a government contractor focused on information technology, process improvement, and product assurance for research and development and science organizations. With extensive experience in supporting highly sensitive, critical client contracts for high profile customers, Ms. Marsden understands the importance of quality and customer satisfaction to ensure long-term success. Supervising teams ranging from 50 to over 1,500 people, Ms. Marsden brings strategic vision combined with an underlying focus on performance and

analytics to continually improve company performance. Prior to CSR Incorporated, Ms. Marsden worked with both large and small companies supporting the federal government; these ranged from systems integrators to consulting firms including Unisys Corporation, EDS, and Sapient Government Services. Ms. Marsden has participated in a variety of business panels across the DC area and has been featured in several technical publications.