Planning & Reporting

Regular meetings and accurate, ongoing reporting provide a solid framework for meeting any communications needs. CSR has built ongoing communications with clients into every contract we manage, as we believe it is vital to our clients to be closely involved and stay abreast of all activities throughout. We are flexible and able to adapt to our clients’ needs. We provide weekly emailed reports of the status of our work. We hold weekly teleconferences to discuss the status of work and progress, tapering to semimonthly teleconferences once the project is underway. CSR also provides monthly and annual reports that summarize the overall state of the work. We find these meetings and reports have an important role in keeping our work on track. It also ensures that CSR is meeting our client’s expectations and gives us a chance to head off potential problems before they become issues.

CSR meets to prioritize the potential projects, set deadlines, and discuss processes and methodologies to be employed. We present samples of similar, previous products. We discuss our approaches to this work and lessons that we have learned in producing materials, hosting trainings, and handling outreach.

01. Set a schedule for future meetings

Getting these events on the calendars early avoids scheduling issues down the line.

02. Meet weekly the first month

Meetings are held semimonthly after that.

03. Provide an agenda

Agrendas are given at least 1 day in advance of the meeting.

04. Meeting summary

  • follow with a summary of the meeting, including action items and who is responsible
  • that summary is distributed to all meeting attendees within 72 hours of each meeting

05. Monthly report

Provide a detailed monthly report that will summarize all major tasks and activities, workload and staff utilized, challenges and priorities, and progress against individual project schedules.