Social Media & Digital Communication Support

Provide specialization in the areas of social media strategy and tactics. CSR uses a specialized, hybrid approach to design and implement the social media strategy and tactics. CSR begins by conducting social media research to understand the nature of conversations about the Agency’s topics. We examine previous public campaigns, which enables us to assess the level of mentions about issues and/or campaigns and gives insights on both positive and negative sentiments. By determining what works, we can further refine the key audiences’ values, attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors. The findings from these efforts inform the development of messages, materials, and outreach.

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Curate, coordinate, disseminate, manage, share social media content

Our team works at coordinating and disseminating content across media channels and across Agencies. In some cases, content can be easily uploaded to several channels at once to make the process more efficient. To be most effective, however, content should be customized to the tone and technology of the platform. Our staff also works with the COR to identify contacts within the Agency who will be vital for coordinating efforts ensuring that we do not overstep or send out redundant or conflicting messages. We develop a contact list of other organizations, if desired by any agency, such as NIH, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or State agencies. We share outreach using the following systems:
Monthly editorial calendar
Weekly content spreadsheet
Monthly reporting

Identify and evaluate the suitability of existing and emerging social media channels

As noted, CSR begins our social media plan by carefully assessing where Agency’s audiences are most likely to reside, which channels they use, and how best to reach them. We realize these channels will vary according to topic, demographics, and even timeline. For example, disseminating information on hearing loss in young people, targeted to young people, needs to have a heavy social media component (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook). We know this audience and where they obtain information, even the hours of the day they are most likely to see the content. If we partner with a spokesperson, such as a musical artist, we may broaden the scope of platforms to include Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. The discovery process involves our reviews of existing social media properties along with intake from key stakeholders. This will include a survey of key staff and a series of in-depth interviews, so that we can establish:


  • Goals for engagement
  • Past challenges and successes
  • Key points and perspectives to present
  • Important dates for future inclusion in the editorial calendar
  • Influencers (such as message champions, local leaders and members, celebrities, and other online communities)
  • Online conversations to monitor and potentially engage
  • Contexts, nuances, hashtags, groups, and chats on core topics
Social media metrics

Evaluate, monitor, and gather metrics

Provide access to social media tools or services

Identify top needs for Agency’s social media audiences

Graphics, Videos, and Multimedia Content

CSR consistently applies industry best-practices and cutting-edge new technologies, including Mobile First responsive design, animated tiles, popular whiteboard videos, infographics, and virtual reality.

CSR has a deep pool of quick-response digital media experts to support the needs.

Multimedia content, graphics, videos, animations, podcasts, other interactive material

CSR supplies necessary visual products (including production and post-production editing services for video, podcasts, graphics, animations, and other interactive material) using our media production process.

All products destined for online posting will be 508 compliant and tested using our suite of accessibility tools.

Transcribe audio and/or video files

CSR provides word-for-word transcripts submitted as Microsoft Word and PDF documents. CSR uses in-house, cloud-based, and consultant pool services as appropriate to ensure the accuracy of all transcripts.

Maintain and enhance Image and Video Gallery

CSR maintains Image and Video Gallery, we will identify, obtain, and provide images or videos optimized to Gallery specifications. Videos will be provided in full high-definition, to be used for both streaming and downloading, on the Gallery platform and other platforms such as YouTube. Each image and video will include concise descriptions. Because CSR has experienced scientific writers and editors on staff and in our pool with specific client experience, we can tailor these descriptions to the appropriate audiences. We will integrate the images and videos into the Image and Video Gallery using the library database fields, providing correct metadata, such as name, permissions, credits, sources, and ID numbers.

Organize and cross-promote content across social media platforms, website, and other groups

We will optimize images, media, PDFs, email signatures, and animated tiles for
downloading and streaming on the web and through email and social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Twitter. CSR will use the best use of visual content across platforms and design common content for best visual use on these platforms. In addition to the animated GIF files we created for lectures, CSR brings experience creating collateral material, including email signatures, posters, and post-production video editing of the lecturers. Content will be made available for government and stakeholder groups through standard platforms and the clients Image and Video Gallery.

Produce hard copy and/or online material

Team CSR produces traditional print and online material for any events, such as mounted foam core products attached to wooden handles for use at photographic “selfie” stations. In the past, CSR used these for clients to showcase head shots of supported scientists. A K-12 student can “Be a Scientist” by holding one of these “faces-on-a stick” while a friend, teacher, parent, or guardian takes a picture. CSR promotes other event enhancements, including virtual reality exhibits, sequential art products, and interactive kiosks.

CSR communications develop and support a robust, integrated, and coordinated communications program including scientific print, digital, and multimedia content across all current and potential communications channels. This content needs to be communicated appropriately and in a timely fashion to maintain engagement with clients’ audiences. CSR understands outreach and dissemination as well as other client audiences and the importance of timing and language.

Develop and implement outreach plans for events and campaigns

Key to our approach is a phased health communications process that emphasizes these four steps: 1) careful planning and strategy development; 2) developing and pretesting concepts, messages, and materials; 3) executing the program activities; and 4) assessing and evaluating program process and outcomes.

CSR works to provide a full complement of communications offerings.